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Middletown Nj Dentist Testimonials

“Dr. Korwin is simply a superlative dental practitioner, the finest
I have ever encountered.” – Dr. Rogers F., Highlands, NJ
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Patient Testimonials

“I was recommended to Dr. Korwin’s office and I will never go to another dentist again. I had bad experiences with other dentist offices and avoided a dentist for several years. Dr. Korwin is extremely friendly, nice, professional, and honest. He cares about his patients and doesn’t rush them in and out. He takes the time to get to know his patients and gives honest and professional advice/opinions. He does not recommend unnecessary work. The rest of the staff is equally as great. The receptionist behind the front counter, Dr. Korwin’s assistant, and the dental hygienist were incredibly nice, friendly, and professional. They also took the time to get to know me and were legitimately interested. They answered all my question honestly and took the time to explain what they were doing as they did it. Simply put: you’re wasting your time and money if you see any other dentist. — Adam M., Brick, NJ

Sedation dentistry with Dr. Korwin overcame ten years of dental anxiety

I have had a dental phobia for most of my life. Bad experiences as a child and young adult had contributed to my fear of dentists. The sounds of the drill, the smells of the office all contributed to the big fear. I would sit in the dental chair and grip the arms, just waiting for the pain. The heart palpitations and anxiety I experienced were frightening.

The longer I stayed away from the dentist, the more intense my fear became. Conversations about dentists would set me off into tears. Of course, staying away from the dentist for approximately 10 years caused many problems. I was losing pieces of my back teeth (molars). I chewed my food very carefully and made sure I didn’t chew in the area where the tooth was deteriorating. I then realized that, if I was losing my back teeth, it was going to happen to my front teeth as well if I didn’t take action. Two years in a row, I made emergency visits to an oral surgeon for extractions. Both years, they occurred at Christmas time.

I was so disappointed in myself. Here I am, an educated person with dental insurance, and I couldn’t conquer this phobia. I had so many conversations with my husband Jim about going to his dentist, but I always backed out. He kept saying, just go in for a consultation, just talk to him. Well, after that last Christmas and emergency extraction, I finally made an appointment to see my husband’s dentist, Dr. Robert Korwin, for a consultation.

As a medical librarian, I specialize in researching medical literature. I researched Dr. Korwin and found him to be a dentist who has published and lectured and frequently attends continuing education classes for advanced dentistry. He has a state-of-the art dental practice. He has even patented his inventions.

Dr. Korwin and his staff took every measure to make my consultation comfortable. He sat me down in a private room just to talk. He ensured me that he would only do what I wanted, and if I were ever uncomfortable with any procedures or felt the slightest twinge of pain, he would take measures to ease them. He wanted to know what my goals were; what I wanted the most was a healthy mouth. I was fearful, with my family history of heart disease and diabetes, that I would be in real trouble if I didn’t take care of my teeth.

I became a patient of Dr. Korwin’s in 2005 and have had many procedures (fillings, extractions) over the years. I’ve never had to grip the arms of the dental chair. If I felt the slightest discomfort, he took measures to ease it. Sedation dentistry is a blessing, as I was able to conquer my fear and get a lot of work done without discomfort.

The staff was always compassionate and caring and never made me feel foolish about my phobia. Even having my teeth cleaned was not painful, because they would use numbing gel for my sensitive teeth.

I trust Dr. Korwin and his staff to provide the best dental care for me. I had two dental implants and braces. Me, having braces! Who would have thought? My braces were just recently removed, and I had my teeth whitened. I not only have a healthy mouth, but now I have a beautiful smile! This is a goal I never would have thought I could achieve three years ago. I’ve received so many compliments about my smile, and that I found the courage to get all this dental work done and conquer my phobia. I have discovered that there are so many people that fear dentists and find my story encouraging.

My son is getting married in September, and now I’m not afraid to smile for the photographers. Dr. Korwin advertises his practice as advanced dentistry with a gentle touch, which is exactly what I was looking for!

D. R.

“I highly recommend Dr. Korwin to anyone looking for an outstanding dental office. Dr Korwin is extremely knowledgeable, most professional, and sensitive to my concerns. He is the most talented and skilled dentist I have ever encountered and I have complete confidence in everything he does. He is gentle and meticulous, and I never had any discomfort from any of the procedures he has performed on me. He consistently provides the highest quality of professional advice and care. Dr. Korwin, his assistants, and the entire office staff are exceptional. Their skill, friendliness, and professional demeanor reflect the tone of the office. From the front desk, to the dental assistants, to the doctor, I experienced kindness and experienced care. I always feel like everyone knows me and genuinely cares about me. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Korwin
and I would highly recommend his practice to anyone looking for an outstanding dental office. Thank you for-the excellent dental work and the kindness you have extended to me.” – Virginia F., Monmouth Beach, NJ

A Licensed Clinical Psychologist Recommends Dr Korwin’s Calm, Confident, Gentle, Perfectionistic and Skilled Manner.

After growing up in an orphanage, in foster care and with a neglectful family, I had terrible dental problems and was essentially told by three different dentists that it was too late to improve my dental health and I would have life-long issues. I became phobic of dentists, not because of the pain but because of the bills!

My previous dentist would examine my mouth, give his assistant codes and then I would meet the billing person in the consultation room and she would give me a total, ask how I was going to pay and when I wanted to schedule treatment. I would then get the treatment completed, followed by x-rays and then a new bill for more treatment for problems that had developed in the interim. It certainly wasn’t my previous dentist’s fault that I had so many dental problems but I began to feel like he only cared about making money from my treatment, obtaining more referrals and furnishing his office in fancy accouterments to convey an air of prestige.

This fall, I had an important professional event coming up that was going to be filmed and I began to feel stress related to the appearance of my smile. I knew that my previous dentist was not going to truly care about my concerns and listen to what I wanted.

I contacted Dr. Korwin’s office only 1 ½ weeks before filming. They provided a free same day consultation with a follow-up appointment to discuss the pros and cons of different options to address both health and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Korwin and his staff literally spent hours educating me about my teeth and gums and providing recommendations to improve my dental health. I learned more from them in a few appointments than I had in 15+ years of going to the dentist. Never once did they make me feel like my teeth and gums were a lost cause.

The day before my event, Dr. Korwin installed temporary veneers that were painless and beautiful. When the permanent veneers and replacement crowns needed to be installed, the office again went out of their way to complete the procedure on a day and time that was convenient for me and once again, there was absolutely no pain after the procedure. Dr. Korwin is a calm, confident, gentle, perfectionistic and skilled clinician. Best of all, by following his recommendations, my gum health improved! I think it was the first time ever that a dentist told me that my gums looked healthier.

In closing, I highly recommend Dr. Korwin and his entire staff. They are all fantastic and a reflection of Dr. Korwin’s commitment to excellence. They have been consistently knowledgeable, kind, skilled and enthusiastic about helping me and getting to know me as an individual.

– C.H., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A time-challenged plastic surgeon recommends Dr. Korwin

Dr. Korwin has taken care of my teeth (and my wife’s) for the past six years. He has been my general dentist and also become my cosmetic dentist: I’m now doing Invisalign under his care. I started Invisalign in July 2007. I’ve always had crooked lower teeth to some degree and never really had the time to devote myself to a compliant treatment regimen that having braces would require. When Dr. Korwin told me about Invisalign and showed me, with photographs, the great result he anticipated for me, I decided to try it. Now, I’m six months into it and very glad that I did it. I’m noticing great results already, which I easily see when comparing my current photographs with those from three months ago, or with pre-treatment photos.

I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in a busy practice here in Monmouth County. Despite my rigorous schedule, my Invisalign treatment and follow-up care has been easy to handle. Dr. Korwin and his staff have always accommodated me when I needed to schedule an appointment at a specific time. Invisalign, in general, is easy even for a busy plastic surgeon. I’m glad I chose to go that route with my cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Korwin is the epitome of what every doctor should strive to be. He is a complete doctor. In other words, he treats the whole patient. He’s concerned with not only the patient’s dental hygiene, but also the patient’s nutrition, cardiovascular health, digestive system, other medical issues such as diabetes, etc. He has treated me with the utmost compassion and professionalism. In addition, Dr. Korwin emphasizes continuing medical education. Professionally, I can relate to the importance of attending local and national meetings on a regular basis to stay on the cutting edge of my specialty. Like me, Dr. Korwin is not afraid to say, I learned a new technique that will enhance my practice and provide better results for my patients. The way in which Dr. Korwin evolves with his profession and his scientific approach impresses me the most.

I feel truly at home when I’m at Dr. Korwin’s office. I, too, strive to maintain a very cordial, personable and professional staff and environment, which is what I’ve experienced in Dr. Korwin’s office.

Dr. Korwin’s unique mix of knowledge, technique, professionalism and personality make it easy for me to recommend his practice to others.

R. T., MD

An anxious patient is pleasantly surprised.

I am a visitor from Florida and was having a problem with my teeth. I must confess I didn’t plan on having this dental work done now, but my situation became worse. Someone highly recommended Dr. Korwin. From the moment I walked into his office I felt the warmth and peacefulness, so comforting, so unique and different. His entire staff treated me with the highest regard and was truly there to take care of me. A great team! You could see the togetherness. I call them Dr. Korwin’s dental family. To be honest, before my procedure began I was nervous but his assistants made me very comfortable and at ease. When Dr. Korwin started working on my teeth I felt no pain. I said to myself, ‘ this doctor does it like he is leading a symphony and everything comes together on cue with the help of his talented assistants’. I was so pleased and happy for what he did for me.

I can only tell you that he is the greatest, and every patient he works on is so lucky that they have him as their doctor.
To sum it all up, he, his office, his staff did it for me. I know I made the right choice.
God really blessed me because I came to the right place at the right time.

Mildred C. Nass, Florida

Painless and Relaxed Root Canal!

I consulted with a doctor in January for a regular dental exam and cleaning. I informed the doctor that I was experiencing pain and had swelling to the left side of my gums, after further x-rays the doctor advised me that I would need two Root Canals. I scheduled shortly thereafter to have the Root Canal performed. The procedure was very painful! I could feel everything! I knew then that I needed to see another doctor. I knew that this procedure was not complete and that I also needed another Root Canal. I came home that day and told my boyfriend about the horrible experience that I had at the dentist office. He highly recommended his dentist, Dr. Korwin. Even though Dr. Korwin’s office was about an hour away from my home, I decided to consult with him.

During my consultation, Dr. Korwin performed x-rays and with the aid of what seemed to be a small camera, even showed me on a screen what was going on with my teeth. I scheduled that day for the Root Canal and I can recall hearing Dr. Korwin reassuring me that it would be painless. I was skeptical at first, but he did prove me wrong! He is amazing! I did not feel anything. I was so relaxed throughout the whole procedure. My experience with Dr. Korwin and his staff has been great; I would highly recommend him to anyone! He treated me in a professional manner and was in no hurry to get me out of the office!
Thank you Dr. Korwin and staff for making my dental experience a much better one!

C.P., North Plainfield , NJ

Marty S-P: “Unbelievable. My daughter is in a wheel chair and the care they took of her was incredible, everything was phenomenal, and to this very day we’ve had no problems. They gave up lunches; they stayed late, incredible care that you don’t expect. I have been so pleased, they tell you everything, they talk to you, and as soon as you walk in the door the staff is phenomenal. They welcome you with open arms. It takes that whole scared feeling away. They are so state of the art, they show you everything…”

Pastor Marty talks about Dr. Robert Korwin
Especially if you have a fear of the dentist, you have to see Dr. Korwin:

Tara has been a great dental patient for over 5 years at Dr. Robert Korwin’s Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch, and refers her family to her dentist. She feels she has learned a great deal about her dental health, and loves the friendly staff, their great concern for the patient, and the advanced digital technology.

About Drs. Korwin

Dr. Robert Korwin MAGD MICOI

Dr. Robert Korwin MAGD MICOI

Robert Korwin DMD, MICOI, MAGD, is a gentle caring expert practicing all areas of general dentistry in the Middletown/ Red Bank/ Monmouth County, New Jersey area for over 30 years. A graduate of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, he holds a Post Graduate Certificate in General Practice, and has received the David L. Drabkin Memorial Biochemistry Award,  the Alumni Award from University Of Pennsylvania,  a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), a Mastership in the International College of Oral Implantologists, and is a highest honors graduate of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars.

Dr. Korwin is a general dentist who holds three dental patents, and has invented and marketed several dental products. He has published in the Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Continuing Dental Education and the Penn Dental Journal,  and has been recognized by Straine Consulting as one of only a few American Industry Icons in dentistry.

Dr. Korwin teaches Dental Sedation at St Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, was a Research Associate for the NYU Pearl Network and  taught dental residents at a Monmouth Medical Center. He has served as Chairman of the Continuing Education Committee, Chairman of the Provider Approval for Continuing Education and Co-Chairman of the “Advance Into Mastership” Committees of the New Jersey Academy of General Dentistry.

He has lectured at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Restorative Dentistry about mercury in dentistry, to the New Jersey Dental Assistants Association about Sedation Dentistry, to the Monmouth Medical Center Dental Department about patents, to Invisalign Study clubs and has been featured on video productions on amalgam hazards, and doxycycline periodontal patient education. The doctor has been a contributor to the ABC News Show 20/20 profiling toothpaste. He has one of only two dentists to have been awarded Graduation with Highest Honors from Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, and is certified in  TM Joint Analysis (TMD, TMJ) by the Bio Research Association.

Along with a degree in psychology and an appointment by the Governor of New Jersey to the New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners,  Dr Korwin has developed expertise in  helping very anxious patients with oral and IV sedation by mastering the art of painless injections and by codeveloping Calmistry, an audio recording which reduces dental anxiety.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association, Monmouth Ocean County Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, International Association for Orthodontics, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and is a Board Member of the American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry. In addition, Dr. Korwin has amassed over 2500 hours of continuing education in dentistry.

Dr Korwin began his career as a commercial artist and jewelry sculptor, exhibiting with, and commissions coming from, long standing companies in Manhattan’s Jewelry Row,as well as trade shows up and down the East Coast of the US. He merged his artistic and scientific talents by becoming a skilled restorative and surgical dentist. He and his wife Susan, a life and style consultant, have three accomplished sons: Josh, a graphic and web designer and photographer; Zach, a dentist (see below); and Devin, musician, composer and talented artist.

Middletown NJ Dentist

Dr. Zach Korwin

Zach Korwin DMD graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He teaches dentists-to-be as an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University. He is currently the president of the Philadelphia chapter of Alpha Omega, a dental community service organization and founder of Leader Brand, a dental products company. Dr. Zach holds a certificate in Pain Management from the University of Pennsylvania and holds membership in the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

Before dental school, Dr. Zach attended RIT and worked professionally designing video games. He also worked in packaging engineering, working for companies such as Johnson and Johnson and Sealed Air, inventors of bubble wrap. Dr. Zach lives with his beautiful fiancee Amy and splits his time between Red Bank and Philadelphia.

Beautifully whitened teeth with Opalescence, Discus Nite White, KOR and Accu Brite Whitening; straight teeth with Invisalign®; Empress® porcelain veneers; Non Surgical and Laser Periodontal (Gum) treatment, comfortable Nobel Biocare Select Replace® dental implants; Kodak Softdent® RVG 6000 Digital X-Rays, Logicon® Digital Cavity Detection System, DIAGNOdent® laser for computerized and accurate tooth decay diagnosis; an AccuCAm IV® intra-oral camera that accurately portrays your teeth digitally so that you can preview your teeth improved in any way you prefer; Air-Abrasion decay removal instead of drilling; tooth-colored, light-cured composites instead of silver amalgams; anxiety free visits with oral and I.V. sedation; latex-free dentistry and mercury-free dentistry, complimentary wi-fi access ”you’ll be happy to visit us.

Distinctions, Awards and Memberships

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Patient Testimonials

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For New Patients

“Best Dental Service, ever !!!. ” You’re the best thing to ever happen to dentistry” Katherine K., Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. “Best dental experience ever. Everyone from receptionist, hygienist to Doctor made me feel very welcome. Anita T., Red Bank, NJ (5 stars) Great Dentist Best dentist I’ve ever been.. Hands down you wont find […]

Sedation Dentistry

(5 stars) Comfort Zone for a Pastor…. I was referred by my son to this place. I had neglected my care due to bad experiences as well as my wife’s. The staff from the first phone call to the office visit were amazingly loving, professional and caring. Upon speaking to Dr Korwin I understood that […]

Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession and Sensitivity

Prevent receding gums, control sensitive teeth, cover recession, comfortably, quickly and see results the same day with the Pinhole Surgical Technique at the office of Dr Robert Korwin. Invented by Dr John Chao, who taught the technique to Dr Korwin, this amazing and dramatic technique eliminates stitches, scalpels, and second surgery sites. Traditional surgery involves […]

Emergency Dental Care

Dental Emergencies “When I say comfort, I mean comfort. No one likes to go to the dentist and be in pain. I remember numerous times Dr. Korwin would numb me for various procedures. I NEVER FELT A THING! I can honestly say that. He would ask me all throughout the procedures if I felt anything, […]

Laser Gum Treatment

Dear Dr Korwin and Team Members: I just want to take this time to thank everyone for your professionalism and great dentistry!  After only a couple of visits my gums and teeth seem to be in better shape-  After many years of struggling with bleeding and swollen gums they finally seem under control also. Thank you for […]

Children’s Dentistry

“Dr Korwin, I cannot thank you enough for the way you and your staff treated my daughter today.” Rob F. Suffern, N.Y.

Latex Free Dentistry

Latex Free Dental Office. We  proud to announce that our extensive list of patient contact supplies and equipment are latex free. More patients are allergic to latex than ever before, so our alternative glove materials such as nitrile and vinyl are not likely to produce immediate or delayed hypersensitivity to latex proteins.  Latex allergies may […]


“All the staff in the office are very pleasant and make you feel very comfortable. They are all so friendly and nice. The doctor is very good. He knows what he is doing. His work is excellent. I had a denture made and it is very comfortable. the entire staff wile help you any way they can. For a lady of […]

Anxious Patients

Dr. Korwin truly and sincerely cares about me and my dental health. Dr. Korwin is the best in his field and a good human being. ” Nancy F., Eatontown, NJ
“I am a number one fan of Dr Korwin, the most awesome dentist I have ever had in my 70 years of dental care. He has cared for my teeth 28 years.Thanks again Dr. Korwin for a great smile.” Pat Z, Jackson, N.J.

Invisalign Preferred Provider, Braces, Orthodontic Care

  “What made Invisalign so ideal to me was the fact that I wouldn’t have to wear wire braces to straighten my teeth. The Invisalign trays were a lot more comfortable than the wire braces I had before and they were easier to take care of. I could still brush the same and I could […]

Porcelain crowns, onlays & inlays

“Dear title owner as the worlds greatest dentist, Dr. Korwin, I just wanted to drop by here in cyber space and thank you so much, once again for all of your top notch work on my choppers 😉 May be the only crown I will ever wear or need ( hopefully ) but thanks to […]

Our Smile Makeovers are Natural not Extreme

Straighter, whiter teeth are yours in one day. We can change your smile by whitening,  straightening,  closing gaps, and repairing chips and cracks. Band aid care for worn, damaged or unsightly teeth, doesn’t last long. Dr. Korwin uses the best materials and the most advanced techniques to restore your natural smile. By listening to you, […]

Digital X-rays

Reduce your x ray dosage with  Kodak digital X-rays. “Logicon” exclusive digital enhancement software helps these x-rays provide more detail than conventional x-rays.  

Power Whitening (Teeth Bleaching)

“I’m very pleased with the results. My teeth are extremely white and it didn’t take very long to get it done. Dr Korwin was very thorough and all of my visits were painless. His staff were fabulous from the front desk to the hygienist. I’m very pleased with the results and the professionalism of Dr. […]

TMJ Disorder Treatment

“Traveled from Africa to treat facial pain. I had pain on the right side of my face start while working in Tanzania. The local doctors weren’t sure of the cause and I took advantage of a trip to the USA to seek other opinions. Dr. Korwin and his staff were very friendly and helpful in […]


“(5 stars) WOW – What a great dental office I was on a mission to find a great dentist in New Jersey. I have been a resident of NJ for the past four years and continued driving back to Queens, NY to my dentist of 24 years. The ride was getting to be too much […]

Oral Cancer Screening

Our patients receive an oral cancer and blood pressure screening at every dental exam. New technology like the Vizilite and Oral CD-X give you extra peace of mind.

Mercury Safe-Mercury Free Dentist New Jersey

Middletown, Red Bank NJ Dentist Dr. Robert Korwin, Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch uses a mercury safe protocol of supportive oxygen, latex free barriers, and high volume evacuation with water spray during  amalgam removal procedures. Removal of defective amalgam is limited to no more than one quadrant per visit, so exposure to mercury in […]

Root Canal Therapy

“Dr. Korwin is quite gentle and caring. I had to have a root canal after a tooth abscessed, and he handled all the procedures professionally. During all the work that he did, I never had any discomfort, and the procedure cured the infection. I am scheduled to return in about a week to have him begin […]

“Best Dentist In New Jersey. 5 Stars”

Dr. Korwin is the best dentist in New Jersey and has been for the 25+ years that he has taken care of my dental needs. He continues his education and creativity to utilize the most effective techniques, paying attention to dental health details and planning as well as cosmetic appearance. The office staff is selected with high expectations and they compliment Dr […]


“I forgot where you put the implant, it feels so good!” Tom C. Freehold, NJ “Every single thing felt comfortable all the way. Your professionalism is outstanding. Excellent customer service.”  “  Alberto J. V. USCG, Higlands, NJ “I couldn’t have expected anything better. It was basically painless. I am finally starting to eat on that […]


Recently, upon arriving in Dr. Korwin’s office, I indicated to his receptionist, Carol, that I was feeling anxious. She assured me that I was in a pain free zone, and that my fears were unfounded. She proved to be accurate. Dr. Korwin, with the aid of his competent, pleasant assistants, performed the procedure professionally, painlessly and quickly. Dr. […]

Tooth-colored fillings

“THANK YOU! DR KORWIN YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB WITH MY TEETH. It is true about the gentle touch. YOU made me feel comfortable in every work that you did with my teeth, and I know it was hard work working with so many cavities, hehe!, but at the end it was great, and […]

Porcelain Veneers

“Several years ago Dr. Korwin put veneers on my teeth. I think they look great and I get compliments all of the time. Most importantly, Dr. Korwin and his staff educated me on how important it is to have healthy teeth.”  –   Gary G., Sea Bright, NJ “With Dr. Korwin’s help and advice my […]

Computerized smile pre-design

“Very professional. Everything was explained very well. Very impressed with overall operation and use of latest electronic advances.”  “ Charles S, Sandy Hook, NJ A digital blueprint that you approve is the assurance for the smile you want. Why guess at your results, and face possible disappointment when you can see the results ahead of […]

Crown and Veneer Color-Matching

“I was confident that Dr. Korwin would be able to fix my problem, and he didn’t let me down. Great Job!” Diane G., New Monmouth, N.J. “Staff was very helpful and nice and the care was awesome!” “ Keren G. Z., UCSG, Neptune, NJ Our advanced digital technology allows artistic color blends and matching. Your […]

Forever Whitening (TM)

When you join our Forever Whitening(TM) Program for $99 receive free Professional At Home Whitening Trays and whitener every 6 months every time you have a cleaning. (Conditions apply).


“5 star Hygienists” Louis B., Lakewood NJ “Hygienist was awesome! Everyone I met was very friendly.” Samantha K., Shrewsbury, NJ “Cleaning was great! You guys are great!” “ Keith B. USCG, Highlands, NJ Gave plenty of information as well as an excellent cleaning. Anne P. Hazlet, NJ “Dr. Korwin is great. I have been coming […]


Grafting for cosmetic and surgical defects Gum grafts reduce recession and bone loss, while covering exposed roots. This both reduces sensitivity and improves your smile. When a tooth is lost, bone disappears. To preserve or replace bone, a bone graft is used. Bone grafts add missing bone for placing implants, to enhance the comfort of […]

Periodontal Surgery

“Extremely respectful. All of the work that was done was pain free and I thank you for that. I think everything is amazing here. Great work everyone! Keep it up.” “ Bill W. Periodontal surgery is necessary when your gum tissue is unhealthy and cannot be repaired non-surgically.These types of surgical treatments are most common: […]

Senior Care

I am a number one fan of Dr Korwin, the most awesome dentist I have ever had in my 70 years of dental care. He has cared for my teeth 28 years. My teeth have never looked so perfect. My bite was not perfect but he has made it look perfect. I am very proud to smile because my teeth […]

Patient Testimonials

“I was recommended to Dr. Korwin’s office and I will never go to another dentist again. I had bad experiences with other dentist offices and avoided a dentist for several years. Dr. Korwin is extremely friendly, nice, professional, and honest. He cares about his patients and doesn’t rush them in and out. He takes the […]