Blue Star Private Jets

Blue Star Private Jets

All the benefits of owning a private aircraft, without the commitments and costs .

Andrea Spring Managing Partner at Blue Star Jets, is a consummate professional with an uncommon passion for her work. Her company, Blue Star, is a private jet charter company with no membership fees, acquisition costs, or monthly maintenance charges. To reserve a private jet charter flight couldn’t be easier. No matter what the size of your travel party or the length of the trip, BSJ arranges straightforward access to the best service on the ideal private aircraft for each and every trip. Luxury private jets anywhere worldwide in all sizes are available with four hour’s notice, along with helicopters, turboprops and jumbo jets for transcontinental flights, or short hops in the US or anywhere else on the Globe.

Contact  Andrea at  Blue Star Jets for all your Private Jets flight needs, and for special limited offers.

Andrea Spring, Blue Star Jets 866.JET.TIME

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