What We Offer

Dr. Korwin is a General Dentist in Red Bank New Jersey, and Middletown New Jersey,
Our Services Include:

Sympathetic Emergency Dental Care

Implant Dentistry
• Placement of implants, including “mini-implants”
• Implant-anchored dentures
• Implant-anchored crowns and bridges
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Sedation Dentistry
• IV Sedation
• Nasal Spray Sedation (NO Injection!)
• Oral Sedation (Pill by mouth)

Cosmetic Dentistry
• Tooth-colored fillings
• Tooth-colored inlays and onlays
• Metal-free crowns and bridges made of porcelain and/or ceramic. Ask us which is best for you!
• Porcelain veneers
• Smile makeovers without braces
• Cosmetic bonding
• Cosmetic tooth reshaping

Invisalign and Braces
• Preferred Invisalign Provider
• Rapid Braces

Laser dentistry
• Scalpel-free gum surgery
• Needle-free drill-free fillings

Preventive services
• Brushing and flossing instruction with video
• Preventive cleanings
• Oral cancer screening
• Sealants to prevent cavities
• Fluoride treatments for children and adults
• Athletic mouth guards
• Dental photography

Tooth Whitening
• In office treatment
• Take home custom-made trays

Periodontal (gum) Services
• Non-surgical gum treatment
• Antibiotic gum therapy
• Scalpel-free laser gum surgery
• Traditional gum therapy

Treatment of Migraines and TMJ Pain
• Night guards and therapeutic splints

• Full dentures
• Partial dentures
• Metal- free partial dentures
• Denture repairs/relines/adjustments

Children’s Dentistry
• Complete dental treatment for all ages
• Special children’s play area – we love kids!

Mercury  Safe Dentistry

Latex Free Dentistry

Epinephrine Free Dentistry
• For anxious patients!
• For patients with cardiac and other medical concerns

All Natural Bone Grafts
• NO Cadaver or bovine bone!
• Highly effective
• No risk of disease transmission!