Sedation Dentistry

(5 stars) Comfort Zone for a Pastor….
I was referred by my son to this place. I had neglected my care due to bad experiences as well as my wife’s. The staff from the first phone call to the office visit were amazingly loving, professional and caring. Upon speaking to Dr Korwin I understood that it emanated from his own personal care for the well being and understanding of the patient. He and the staff made me feel that event interventions that would have cause some level of anxiety now seemed possible and put a better smile and bring longevity to my teeth. I fully recommend Dr Korwin and his staff. The travel was nothing compared to the care. By Noel.

I love how everything is explained so well. I’m never scared to come to the dentist when I know I’m coming here. “ Miranda F. USCG, Highlands, NJ

“Thanks to Dr. Korwin along with your staff for making my experience as an apprehensive patient comfortable and satisfied.  You did a super job, and I would strongly recommend you to anyone I’d consider a friend.” Richard.O. Middletown, NJ.

“After my first visit to Dr Korwin’s office and after 30 years of fears, I’m not sure who I am. I am leaving this office laughing and yes, making my next appointment! To anyone who is even afraid of the novocaine needle, I felt NOTHING! Every dentist should train with Dr. Korwin and I bet the world would have beautiful smiles.”  F.V., Atl. H., N.J.

As a patient of Dr. Robert Korwin, I am proud to describe my recent experience. After putting off dental work for some time, I knew I most likely needed a root canal. I did not know how anxious I was until I attempted to have the procedure done. The sound of the drill and the potential for pain was too much for me to go through with it, even though I had novocaine and I trusted Dr. Korwin! He said I was a candidate for sedation dentistry.
Everyone on Dr. Korwin’s staff possesses an extraordinary combination of positivity, professionalism and most importantly, compassion. Dr. Glen Atlas, the anesthesiologist, was extremely thorough in his medical history. And Dr. Korwin’s performance did not result in an ounce of pain, nor did I remember the procedure. With the help of sedation dentistry, Dr. Korwin was able to replace two fillings, complete a root canal, and fill additional cavities that were in need of attention. His staff’s unwavering commitment to quality was evident throughout the entire treatment process, and I would highly recommend Dr. Korwin to anyone with or without dental anxiety! He is wonderful!
A. H. Middletown, NJ

I’m terrified when I hear the word dentist. Last week had an emergency, had a terrible toothache. Didn’t know where to go. Then I remember that I meet Dr. Korwin few weeks ego at the event and it was very nice talking to him and his wife who assure me that he was the best dentist. Boy, she was right. From the time when I called the office all the way through appointment and follow up I had nothing but the unbelievable service. Dr. Korwin – you are the best. I have another appointment tomorrow morning and this is a first time in my life I’m going relax and no worries. Thank you very much. Michael H., Holmdel, NJ


From the moment I walked in, this office was different than any dentist’s office I’d ever been to. The atmosphere and all of the staff were so warm, friendly, and positive. I’ve had anxiety about the dentist for years; my teeth were so sensitive even simple fillings would hurt so much. I’ve now had upwards of 10 fillings done and Dr. Korwin has not hurt me once! He knows exactly what he is doing; I’m completely numb every time and don’t feel a thing. And he is so friendly and caring and just makes you feel so safe. I am not scared of my dentist any more, I love him! Would recommend him to anyone with anxiety or without. 🙂

By Katherine K.

Anxious patients often call us for sedation for their dental care. Dr Korwin is certified to deliver sedation medications by mouth or IV. A  board certified Anesthesiologist is on call as well. Our patients have successfully used our Calmistry® program to lose anxiety and avoid using any medications at all.
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